Company Directory

Ryan M. Munns

Telephone: 877-293-4682

Jennifer A. Lyons
Vice President

Telephone: 978-935-0668

Timothy N. Dower
Claims Examiner

Telephone: 978-935-0812
Gabriel H. Gomes-Pereira
Claims Examiner
John S. Long
Claims Examiner

Telephone: 978-935-6859
Sabrina R. Portal
Claims Examiner

Telephone: 978-935-3004
Anthony R. St.Pierre
Claims Examiner

Telephone: 978-935-0687
Samuel M. Yeadon
Claims Examiner

Telephone: 978-935-0662
Secally M. Barbosa
Office Support

Telephone: 978-979-7751
Erica A. Veglia
Office Support

Telephone: 978-935-1999

In the event you need to send something via regular mail, please mail it to:

Norfield Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 2014
Woonsocket, RI  02895

In the event you need to send something via facsimile, please fax it to 978-279-1069

Once it has been received, we will scan it and send it to the appropriate party.